The Fruity Sensation That’s Sweeping the Nation

In the last year I’ve thought a lot about starting a music blog, but never really did anything about it. Turning 21 a couple weeks ago seemed to have unleashed the yolo in me, because today I’m pulling the trigger. Mangoprism. The epic adventure begins today. And you are coming with me. Allow me to present to you the Mangoprism Manifesto:

1. Mangoprism will lead a long and prosperous blog life.

2. Mangoprism is a music blog, but really it will be about everything.

3. Mangoprism wants you to write for Mangoprism. Yes, you. If you aren’t some variety of snitch or bitch, and you feel compelled to write about something, and you need an outlet…hit me up. If you are having trouble making consistent posts on your own fledgling blog…hit me up. The only requirement is that reading your post must be at least as enjoyable as eating a morsel of mango, the most succulent of fruits. I will hold myself to the same standard.

Say it with me: Mango. Prism. Mangoprism. Let’s make this thang pop. If you are itching to write something — do it! (Yolo.) At best, this is a collaborative effort that pools the talents and passions of many; at worst, it will be just me posting like once a month. Follow on Facebook and Twitter for updates regarding future posts. Giddyup.


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