Announcing Mangoprism 2.0

A little over seven years ago, Mangoprism’s inaugural post, entitled “The Fruity Sensation that’s Sweeping the Nation,“decreed the three foundational tenets on which the publication would stand:

1. Mangoprism will lead a long and prosperous blog life.

2. Mangoprism is a music blog, but really it will be about everything.

3. Mangoprism wants you to write for Mangoprism.

The only standard of publication was that “reading your post must be at least as enjoyable as eating a morsel of mango, the most succulent of fruits.”

Starting this week, Mangoprism, in a ~reboot~, will henceforth publish work to such specifications every other Tuesday morning. While the three foundational tenets remain, they will be enacted with a heightened earnest editorial commitment to A) put in the time required to run a publication that reliably brings a desirable dish to the table, and B) avoid the pitfalls of much prominent internet-based media, that subsist by scavenging the scarce fine fruits of the enterprising — ingesting them into the gullet, churning the substance in the belly juice, regurgitating a frothy goo, lacing the goo with low-grade crack — and serving the dressed up mixture on a fine porcelain platter.

Among Mangoprism’s primary missions will be to publish unestablished writers, even those who don’t really identify as a “writer.”  We hope to be a welcoming space to publish and we intend, to the best of our abilities, to provide helpful feedback and guidance to all of our contributors. (See our submission guidelines here.) We hope, at some point, to start a Patreon or something, at which point you can help us compensate writers and illustrators for their work.

Pieces we are interested in:

  • compelling personal essays
  • cultural criticism
  • scorching-hot takes
  • long-form interviews with interesting folks
  • short fiction
  • dispatches from around the globe…
  • lively album and book and movie and product reviews
  • colorful and original reportage
  • radical political screeds
  • unexpected recipes
  • and whatever else you have to offer

We hope that you will read and enjoy the work we publish, and that you encourage your associates to do the same, and that you consider submitting or pitching something yourself. With your help, we trust that in short time every second Tuesday morning will rattle, pregnant with spirit — a cause for fevered child-like anticipation, a sumptuous feast, a gentle reminder of the essential things and joys and imperatives that bind us all together in this strange and interesting journey.

– Andrew Schwartz and Danny Schwartz

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